Why I don't follow trends immediately.

Why I don't follow fashion trends immediately. The reasons are few. First, I prefer to digest the present trend and don't fall into an obsession too quickly. I truly believe that above the trends and what fashion world dictates every day, one must observe carefully and think logically, even in terms of style and fashion. Yes. Second of all, I love to wear something that fewer and fewer people wear. I have no idea how it happens to me, but once most people stop being interested in something, it takes all my attention. And that's how I buy things. I don't immediately let the trend take control of me. I take control of it. AND.. the most important factor! SALES. Many times, I bought something that happened to be on sale one month after I bought it with the regular price. After many times I decided to be more patient if it comes to purchasing something straight after it's released. Did you know, every 1-2 week stores like ZARA and HM launch new collection? Trust me, it pays off to wait. In this occasion, this post is dedicated to velvet. It's a very specific fabric. I remember it as being a child - velvet tank tops. I was very proud of having one back then. Eventually, in fashion,  history likes to repeat itself as well. Note to self: There are different types of velvet, each looks completely else from one another. Velour is categorized as being velvet, but it does not look the same. I will be unfair towards velour and will pick velvet. Remember, if something is not in latest trends anymore, it really doesn't matter. What matter is: how YOU wear it, how smart you are, choosing sales instead of purchasing something that its value is way much lower and my big number 1 - you have to feel comfortable and fabulous in it.  I will soon show you guys how I wear my velvet items! Stay tuned.


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