Why wearing socks with heels is the best decision you can possibly make. 

Style. There are no rules. Fashion, you break the rules. When looking at all those glittery, sparkling, colorful, shining socks, the only thing that pops into your head is "I want to wear them, but where and how?" Here's the answer to all your concerns. You're going to wear them with heels. Yep. With heels. You can also put the glittery socks with sneakers, which will make you and your day better and fancier. I'm sure you always felt a need to wear these beautiful socks but were too afraid to stand out or be eye - catchy. No worries, it's becoming a thing nowadays. If you like it casual and don't like to experiment too much, put on grunge alike t-shirt, high waist jeans, sneakers and add the sparkling socks to it. If you are more courageous, match it with heels that show your feets (I will soon publish a post how I wear my fancy socks - stay tuned!). It's a great outfit solution for a dinner with friends, a date, or night out afterward. It's actually a great outfit for any time of the day, just remember not to overdress, so keep the glitter to the minimum. You want to look cool, stylish and beautiful. Trust the magic of this combination. Once you go out with them both you will want only more and more of it. Keep in mind that God is in the detail (s). Alway (s).

sock+heel affair by song of style and negin mirsalehi in her upcoming gisou campaign (can't wait to see it)  

negin mirsalehi gisou



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